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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Bone Voyage Pet Resort

Can I take a tour?: Absolutely! We offer tours anytime during our business hours:
Monday- Friday: 7:30 am- noon and 2 pm – 7 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 12 pm
Sunday: 9 am - 11 am and 4 pm – 6 pm.
We are CLOSED each weekday from 12 pm - 2 pm.

For your convenience, we recommend not touring during early morning or late afternoon when there is a higher volume of pets checking in and out. However, if that is the only time that is convenient for you to take a tour, please feel free to come on by! Dogs and children under 10 are not allowed in the kennel area for tours.

I worry about my dog or cat. Will you send updates on my pet?: Of course! Being pet owners ourselves, we understand the worry that can happen when leaving your fur baby. You can sign up for daily pictures of your dog or cat for $4 a day.

What age can my puppy participate in Daycare?: As soon as your puppy receives their vaccinations (usually around 4 months old), they can join Daycare.

Why do you do a physical wellness check on my dog?: This is one of the many ways that we are different than other facilities! At Bone Voyage Pet Resort, we provide a lot of personal interaction with our dogs; we pet them, scratch their bellies & give them lots of love. When we do this we are always inspecting them and if we notice something such as a scratch, scar, a bump under the skin, etc., we will first check to see if it is something the parent has notified us about at arrival. If it has not been noted, we will notify the parent when they pick-up. We also do a check every morning on our boarding dogs to check for any changes. However, please note we are not a veterinarian and therefore may not be aware of ailments with subtle symptoms.

It is important to understand that even in regular play a dog can get injured. Dogs play with their mouths and paws which means teeth and nails, so therefore, there is risk associated with your dogs attending daycare that involves interactive open play. This is similar to children playing on a playground. There is always the potential for small bumps, bruises and scratches and even more so with dogs because of their teeth and nails.

Therefore, it is our policy to notify the parents of any and all injuries regardless of how small. However, sometimes we miss things, especially if the injury happened during play and the dog gave us no indication that they were hurt. Most of the time as they are playing they don’t realize a scrape, scratch or minor nip. If there is any altercation or a more serious boo boo, we will notify the parents immediately of the injury or incident at the time of pick up (just like a child daycare).

If we do miss something, please bring it to our attention as we always want to make sure we are aware of everything involving our canine guests. We will never intentionally keep anything from our customers. We are pet-owners and treat others how we wish to be treated regarding the health and happiness of our fur babies.

Can my dog get a bath or groom during their stay?: Absolutely! However, please note that we are usually booked quite a while in advance for full-service grooming so as soon as you know your dog's boarding dates, please call to schedule your appointment. Dogs that have full-service grooming appointments can have check-out time moved to afternoon without being charged for additional boarding.

If you would like your dog to receive a bath, just let us know at check-in. Dogs staying more than 10 days receive a complimentary exit bath. Complimentary exit baths are not automatically given because some owners may not want a bath for their dog. Please let us know if you would like to reserve your dog's complimentary bath at check-in and they will be smelling good at check-out!

What vaccinations do you require?: The following vaccines/exams are required.
For Dogs:
Rabies (1 or 3 year)
Distemper/Parvo (1 or 3 year)
Bordetella (within 1 year)
We accept titer testing with proper veterinarian documentation.

For Cats:
Rabies (1 or 3 year)
FVRCP (1 or 3 year)

*We require annual fecal exams for Dogs and Cats.
*There is a waiting period of 7 days after receiving the Bordetella vaccine before boarding. This vaccine has an incubation period before becoming effective and protecting your dog. We recommend this waiting period on ALL vaccines. Please know that your dog can still contract Kennel Cough even if they have received the Bordetella vaccine.

Can my boarding dog attend daycare?: Yes. You can add daycare for a discounted rate of $12.50 while your dog is boarding. They must pass the temperament evaluation.

Do you offer discounts for multiple dogs?: Yes! There is a discount for multiple dogs from the same family that board together and for Daycare dogs. Please look at our pricing on the Boarding and Daycare pages on our website.

What is kennel cough?: Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory infection. It often produces a persistent forceful dry and hacking cough that is sometimes followed by gagging as the dog tries to clear its throat. The sound has often been described as the sound of a goose honking. Other symptoms can include cold-like symptoms that humans get such as runny nose and sneezing. Your dog can get Kennel Cough while boarding, at the dog park, daycare, while walking around the neighborhood and even at the veterinarian’s office.

All dogs are susceptible to catching kennel cough but we do what we can to minimize the possibility. We require a yearly Bordetella vaccine to board or attend Daycare. However, it is important to know that even if your dog has received the Bordetella vaccine, it is still possible for your pet to still contract Kennel Cough. It is similar to the flu vaccine which protect against the most common strains of the virus. However, there are different strains of the Kennel Cough virus as is the case with the flu virus. We constantly sanitize our facility but the Kennel Cough virus is airborne. Vaccinations should be given at least seven (7) days in advance of boarding or other places where your dog may be at risk for contracting Kennel Cough to be most effective.

Having a strong immune system can help your dog avoid coming down with symptoms if/when your dog is exposed to the virus. This is why not every dog in the kennel (or house) will get it if there is an outbreak. We strive to make daycare and boarding a pleasant experience for all dogs and believe this goes a long way in keeping the dogs in our care healthy. If we hear a dog coughing, we will quarantine the affected dog until his owner comes to pick him up. If your dog starts coughing, we will let you know immediately and will sanitize the daycare thoroughly. We also ask that if your dog has boarded with us or attended daycare and contracts Kennel Cough, that you let us know immediately.

If your dog does develop Kennel Cough symptoms, don’t panic! The way this illness operates is similar to the common cold that we humans sometimes catch and the recuperation period is often the same; it must run its course. There is no magic pill or cure but there are ways to treat and ease the symptoms. If coughing is extreme, your vet can prescribe a cough suppressant. Some veterinarians prescribe antibiotics while others find it does not speed healing time because Kennel Cough is a virus, not a bacteria. Kennel cough generally will be gone with or without antibiotics in two weeks time or less. We recommend contacting your veterinarian if you have any concerns if your dog contracts Kennel Cough, especially if they are a puppy or senior dog.

What if my dog doesn’t do well in Daycare?: Some dogs don’t do well with other dogs but owners still want them to have human interactions other than regular outside visits while boarding. If you would like your dog to have extra attention, we offer one-on-one time, pool time or couch potato time.

For pet parents seeking an alternative to Daycare, we offer Day Boarding as an option. Day Boarding dogs enjoy the privacy of a dog boarding suite, potty breaks and individual playtime without an overnight stay. This is a great option for dogs who don’t socialize well, who can’t be left home alone or are in need of special care or handling throughout the day while pet parents are at work or running errands. A full day of Day Boarding is $18 and a half-day is $9.

Can my dog bring toys and other belongings?: We must limit belongings but certain items such as a favorite blanket or toy and/or t-shirt (for smell of home) are acceptable. We do not allow rawhides or other consumable toys as they pose a choke hazard. We do not accept beds from home. We provide cots and bedding for our guests.

How do I find out if a suite is available for my upcoming vacation/trip?: You can now schedule all Boardings and buy New Daycare Packages right from our New Customer Portal in addition to many other things! Schedule, Make Changes and Manage your pet's Vet Records all from your Phone or Computer! Get started by clicking on the "Fetch a Reservation Customer Portal button at the top of the home page on our website.

You can also always contact us by telephone at (919) 329-9892 or email us at info@bonevoyagepetresort.com.

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate at Bone Voyage?: Sure! Please visit us during business hours or call us to purchase a gift certificate.

Do you offer Military or Law Enforcement discounts?: Yes! We offer a 10% discount on boarding stays for Active/Retired Military, Law Enforcement & Firefighters.

It's just our way of saying “thank you” for your service!

What can I expect from my dog after he/she has boarded with you?: Your dog will be excited to see you! But once she gets home, he/she may drink more water and/or act very tired or sleep more than usual. Don’t worry--this is quite common. Remember, your dog spent each day here romping and playing with others and likely engaging in more activity than usual. Think of it as spending a week at the gym! And like us, they may be a little sore and in need of some rest. As many owners have told us, it only takes a day or two and their dog is back to normal. Allow your dog to rest quietly and enjoy the time to for extra cuddles with your special friend!

What will you do if my dog won't eat while boarding?: Some dogs become a little stressed when they are away from their owners and won’t eat or eat less than usual. If a dog displays stress and won’t eat, one of our canine staff will spend extra time with your dog to coax them to eat --even hand-feeding if necessary! We don’t let dogs go without ample food and water during their stay. Their food and water intake is monitored each day to ensure they remain happy and healthy. They are never without access to fresh and clean water. If necessary, we also offer healthy alternatives that may be used to ‘jumpstart’ their appetite.

What if my dog gets sick during his stay or during his day at daycare?: Although it rarely occurs, some dogs do become ill during their stay. If this occurs, we will attempt to contact the owner for instructions prior to seeking veterinary care. If the owner or the emergency contact cannot be reached or if a medical emergency arises, we will take the dog to the nearest veterinarian office that we use that has an appointment available. Family Pet Animal Hospital is our first choice and is only 5 minutes away. After-hours emergencies will be taken to Animal Emergency Hospital in Raleigh or Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH) in Cary.

Why do a Daycare evaluation?: In order to participate in our Daycare, all applicants must go through a social evaluation to help us determine if Daycare is a good fit for your dog. During our social evaluation, we slowly introduce your dog to members of our stable pack and look for proper canine etiquette to be displayed. This process helps us determine if the dog is friendly, nervous etc. It also helps us know in which play group your dog will have the most fun. Our goal is to make sure each dog enjoys every moment of his day. Training our staff to understand canine body language and surrounding your dog with the right pals helps us achieve this.

What separates us from the rest?: We make every effort to be the premier daycare, boarding and training facility. Rubberized flooring keeps the dogs safe and a well-appointed facility keep the dogs interested and entertained. We observe the highest level of kennel sanitation to keep everyone happy and healthy. Beyond that, we strive to educate and train our employees so they can ensure Bone Voyage is a happy and safe place for every dog.

Understanding canine behavior and language is key. Upon hiring, each staff member is put through a supervised training program so they can coordinate group activities as well as spot the signals that individual dogs make when they become uncomfortable or anxious. This helps our staff direct play in a way that encourages appropriate behavior and helps prevent unwanted situations. Our goal is to keep each dog happy 100% of the time.

What are the benefits of doggie daycare?: Doggie daycare supports the mental and physical well-being of your loved one through exercise and socialization. Do you want a dog that you can take anywhere? Do you want a dog that can approach all other dogs and people in a friendly manner? Doggie daycare can help with more than just that. People whose dog’s attend doggie daycare attest to seeing improved socialization skills with other dogs and people, less destructive behavior at home and a relief from separation anxiety. It also provides a well-deserved break from a dog’s normal routine.

Doggie daycare gives owners peace of mind knowing their pet is being cared for in a safe and supervised environment while the owner is focusing on their career or simply running errands. Doggie daycare also helps create a more well-adjusted dog so the owner can spend better quality time with their dog doing a greater variety of activities.