NEW!! Full-Size Inground Swimming Pool  Let your dog swim!

Bone Voyage Pool for Dogs - Island Club

Bone Voyage Pet Resort is happy to announce the Grand Opening of Island Swim Club!

Swimming encourages the use of the whole body in a way that makes exercise fun and beneficial! Just 5 minutes of swimming is equal to a 20-minute walk! It's great for overall conditioning and cardiovascular fitness in healthy dogs. For dogs with joint pain or injury, swimming can ease aching muscles and improve flexibility. For older dogs, it can minimize the risks of weight bearing injuries and help control weight gain due to inactivity. Your dog will love to join the Island Swim Club splashing the day away!

For real water-lovers, look below to see available Group and Private swim discount packages.

Pricing, Frequently Asked Questions, and Requirements:

Daycare + Island Swim Club

1st Dog 2nd Dog
Full-Day Pass $30 $27
Half-Day Pass $15 $12
5 Full-Day Pass $145 $130
10 Full-Day Pass $280 $250
20 Full-Day Pass $540 $480
5 Half-Day Pass $70 $55
10 Half-Day Pass $130 $100
20 Half-Day Pass $240 $180
Boarding Daycare & Swim Pass $15 $10

Private Swim Time

1st Dog 2nd Dog
20 minutes $15 $8
30 minutes $20 $10
45 minutes $30 $15
60 minutes $40 $20
10 20-minute sessions $130 $80
10 30-minute sessions $180 $100
10 45-minute sessions $280 $150
10 60-minute sessions $380 $200

You can customize your own time in the pool in addition to times listed above. One time $20 evaluation fee. Second dog in same family is $10.

Is the Pool monitored at all times?: During group daycare, the pool area is constantly monitored while dogs are playing and swimming. Dogs are never left unattended during Daycare or Swimming! During Private Swim sessions, the owner is responsible for supervising their dog(s).

Are there any other fees?: There is a one-time $20 evaluation fee for Island Swim Club Daycare or Private session members. If Daycare Evaluation and Swim Evaluation are done on the same day, we only charge one evaluation fee of $20.

Is there a Lifeguard on duty for Private Swim sessions?: No. During Private Swim time, it is the owner's responsibility to supervise their dog(s). This includes not letting your dog destroy property of Bone Voyage Pet Resort such as water hoses and pool toys and digging up turf. Please pick up after yourself and leave the yard in the condition it was when you arrived. It is owner's responsibility to remove any toys that have sunk to the bottom of the pool before leaving.

What should I bring to the swim session?: You, your dog(s), vaccination records, liability waiver and completed client form if you haven’t already sent these in. Please read the Pool Rules & Policies form before arriving. Registration forms and waiver must be completed and on file before your dog can swim.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to give your dog time to use the bathroom and start your session on time. This is a must! We provide a pooper scooper and trash can in the pool area and there is a dog clean-up area with plastic bags in the front of the building.

We have floating toys for your dog to play with. However, if your dog has a favorite floating toy, please feel free to bring it. We also provide towels to dry your dog off after the swim. Please use no more than 2 towels per dog and place in the dirty towel hamper as you leave. You may want to bring extra towels for you and your dog for the ride home.

Does my dog need to wear a life-jacket?: We provide life-jackets free of charge. We have all sizes available from extra small to extra-large. We take your dog's safety very seriously. Unless your dog is comfortable with swimming, all first-time swimmers are required to wear a life jacket. This will be verified in the swim evaluation.

Monday – Friday: 11am - 12 pm and 4:30 pm - 7 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

There is no lifeguard on duty during private swim time. It is the owner's responsibility to supervise their dog(s).

A 24-hour cancellation notice is appreciated for scheduled appointments.

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Your dog will love the Swimming Pool at Bone Voyage Pet Resort!