Extra ‘fur’ icular Activities and Add-On Services

Pick and Choose Activities and Treats to Create a Unique Experience...

Extra ‘fur’ icular Activities:

At Bone Voyage Pet Resort, we know that your pet is unique and we also know that each pet prefers certain activities during the day. Some prefer high levels of physical activity and some prefer individual pampering play. For this reason, we offer additional activities and services to for your pet to ensure the most pleasant stay possible with us!

Daycare : Add Daycare during your dog's stay so they can enjoy a day of play with their friends! Daycare is half price for Boarding dogs! Second dog receives a further discount at $12.50! - $14

Daycare & Island Swim Club while Boarding: Your dog can enjoy a day of playing with his friends AND swimming in the pool while Boarding! - $15 first dog ($10 second dog)

Splash Time: This activity is for dogs that aren't quite ready for the big pool but love to splash around in our smaller bone-shaped pools! - $9.50

One-on-One: This activity is designed for dog(s) or cat(s) that need a lot of exercise! Your dog can enjoy playing fetch or your cat can enjoy laser point play with a staff member. - $9.50

Couch Potato: Let your dog enjoy 20 minutes of chilling on the couch with a staff member watching movies, stimulating the mind figuring out puzzles and receiving undivided attention. This activity is great for dogs that love cuddling and who don’t need a lot of exercise. - $9.50

Private Swim Time: Your dog can have the entire pool to themselves in our brand new full-size pool. Of course, there will be constant supervision by a staff member. It is a great way to get exercise and have fun! - $12 (2nd Dog is $10)

Cat Nip Toy: Cats love playing with anything catnip and will enjoy lots of play space in our large cat room. - $3.00

Extra Potty Break: Boarding dogs automatically get 4 outside visits/potty walks a day. We offer extra potty breaks for some dogs such as older dogs & puppies that may require extra potty breaks. - $5 each

Send Photos: Receive pictures or videos of your pet! - $4

Treats: (Please make sure to tell us if your dog has any food allergies!!)

All-Natural Ice Cream: All of our ice-cream is made in-house with only fresh all-natural ingredients such as unsweetened yogurt, all-natural peanut butter, fresh fruits and vegetables with a touch of honey. We don’t like ingredients that have words you can’t pronounce in our treats! - $5

Peanut Butter Kong: - $5

Treat Filled Kong: Kong filled with crunchy treats. Please let us know if your dog has a sensitive stomach and we will put some of their kibble in the Kong. - $5

Beef Pupsicle: Frozen unsalted beef broth treats made in-house. - $5

Peanut Butter Kisses: Frozen treats made in-house with all-natural Jiff peanut butter. - $4

Tuna Filet Treat: Treat your cat to a scrumptious snack of real tuna to really make them feel special! - $4

Sweet Potato Chew: We use all-natural chews which are made of thick pieces of dehydrated sweet potato with ridges to help clean teeth. Sweet potato is is high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and fiber yet low in calories. These chews are wheat, gluten and dairy free which is beneficial for dog's with allergies and other sensitivities. There are no added colors, by-products or fillers in these chews. - $5

Night-Night Cookie: Your pooch will drift off to sweet dreams after a delicious all-natural and healthy bedtime treat. Our night night cookies are made of limited ingredients (pea flour, pumpkin, peanut butter and coconut oil). - $3